Allowing the Navbar background to change on each page

dannywhite23 3 days ago 0

It would be nice if we could change the background and text colors in the Navbar on each page.  I noticed the Moonfruit website does this and was wondering why we can't.  That would be a nice feature.  


Navigation Rollover Text Colour Change

Jon 4 days ago 0

Since the site change to the responsive site creator I am unsure how to change the navigation rollover text colour, is it possible or is this something that is in the works. This used to be easy to do with the floating editor box but now I am not sure how to do it.


Delete multiple files

1892grey 4 days ago 0

I am currently in the process of deleting old files from one of my sites. Unfortuanatly i can only do so 1 at a time which means it is taking a very long time. It would be a lot easier if i could select multpile files to all be removed at once,




ar eg 4 days ago 0
Future consideration

File manager

spswebmaster 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 1

It would be really useful to have the file manager box/window float outside the webpage that is being edited, presently it is locked between the page boundaries and is often obscuring the view of my work. I frequently use a second monitor and it would be brilliant if I could drag the file manager to the 2nd screen to leave my working page clear

Under Review


dionnemarshall 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 3

IMPROVE the functionality of the  'ELEMENTS & SECTIONS' DRAG & DROP | Jan 15 18

The latest update of the responsive editor has resulted in the sections / elements having reduced functionality

Mac | Chrome

ISSUES | Via drag and drop

- Can be tricky to add a section

- Difficulty adding an element into a section (e.g image into a section) 

- Difficulty moving an element around other elements (e.g moving an Image within a column, above a divider line )

- Difficulty adding an element between other elements  (e.g adding a spacer in between 2 images) 

The previous versions before drag and drop (with +add sections\ elements) was easier to work

Thanks in advance

I can provide a video


Under Review

Responsive Really

mrengie 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 1

I’m experiencing some really very annoying issues with the new responsive templates and the editor;


  • Why have you chosen to use a ‘grey’ font in the editor – it’s really very hard to see and find what you’re looking for.
  • Dropping sections is so confusing with the reducing screen, the beta version was a hundred times better
  • It take several very frustrating attempts to ‘drop’ elements into the sections
  • Takes an age and numerous attempts to drag elements to other sections
  • Pages, Sections, Elements etc were easier to use and find when they were at the bottom of the page, with them now on the left reduces the visibility of the screens working view
  • Why is the logout button hided
  • And very slow for responsive

Must say I was very excited with the beta responsive set up but I’m very very disappointed with what’s been rolled out. Why, oh why ? And here I am typing away again in GREY 

Future consideration

better File management

misseuroregion 2 months ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 1

I have been asked to rebuild a website with new Template and need to transfer the Assets from the old to new...   I do not have the the original  pictures and discovered i can only download them one at a time...  I either would like to see a bulk tool or FTP.. or File manager that will copy assets between sites. 

Not planned

Text Message Features to Cell Phone

olaolu 2 months ago • updated by Moonfruit 2 months ago 1

As I can send email through the website, I will like to send text messages as well.


Sales Tax

cracrafte 2 months ago • updated by Moonfruit 2 months ago 1

Happy New Year!

Is there a way to add State Sales Tax to our shopping cart so customers will automatically be charged US Sales Tax?  (For some reason, I do recall seeing this before, but it has never worked and I can no longer locate it.)

Thanks So Much!

In Progress

product list

infogalart 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 3 months ago 4

Hello, Is there any chance to change settings in Shop department - after editing product you have to come back to Product list, and always to the top of the list. This make our work very hard as we have quite a lot of stock and editing very often.

In Progress

Ordering confirmation

lampshady 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 3 months ago 4

Hi - are you considering setting up communication with customers when they order from our websites? at the moment, our customers simply get a paypal confirmation, not an automatic response from us. I feel it is important that they receive an email from our webshop, and at present we are having to send out individual emails to customers, which is not always timely. Any plans? thank you

Not planned

Quantity of products in shop check out - drop down selection option?

lampshady 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 3 months ago 2

In my webshop I have had until now one of each item (all handmade or vintage lampshades) but now I am making pairs of shades and cushions or more of one. The problem is that when a customer goes to the basket to pay, they have to manually put in how many they would like. It seems a bit amateurish, and therefore please may we have the option to place a drop down arrow so they can select the quantity? Here's hoping!