Number of sites to show in dashboard

lotusleaf 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 5 years ago 3

I used to see the number of sites in my dashboard but now I just see the MB size. Would it be possible to add back the number of sites? It's not easy to count them as the list scrolls. I sometimes have temporary sites for testing purposes so it's not easy to keep track of the number. I know I'm near the limit so it's quite important to know how many I've got!

Not planned

Sub-Menus within Sub-Menus

Moonfruit 5 years ago updated by witnesham 4 years ago 3

Improve the organisation of pages by allowing multiple sub-menu levels.

Under Review

Suggested improvements

chrys123 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 5 years ago 1

Responsive pages:

1) At the moment there's still no option to add shop/e-commerce features - very big deal for me.

2) It would be good if the page master function could be added to responsive pages

3) I'd like to have my logo in the navigation bar rather than text in the "brand name" field

4) When I'm in a reponsive page, I have trouble using the editor task bar. Can't access options like admin or pages. I have to go back to the moonfruit dashboard and click edit site for it to be available

Otherwise, some of the new features are really good. I like the PhotoSnack slideshow and cookie banner. Although the responsive pages are a little more restrictive, I think they're really simple to navigate and edit.

Under Review

Alignment of Main Menu and Sub-Menu Headings

lisagsaw 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 5 years ago 1

I'm creating a new website with the main menu across the top of my page. The sub-menus appearing below each main menu heading are aligned to the left with each heading, however, the sub-menus themselves are centre aligned with each other, so it looks wrong/messy! It would be much better if you could either left align all the sub-menus under a given heading, or have them all centred with the main heading, so there is consistency in appearance.

Under Review

Alteration to the Ban this Member tab

rockhaye 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 5 years ago 1

When I want to delete a member from the Members Page of my web site (WOPEC) a box appears allowing me to write a note of explanation as to why it is happening. But when I want to temporarily ban a person because they have not paid their annual subscription fees I do not have the same opportunity to explain the reason. So when the member attempts to LOGIN they view the following: HTTP 500 error. That's odd .... Microsoft Edge can't find this page. This page can't be displayed, site's server might be under maintenance or there could be a programming error.

Can you alter the ban button to offer the same opportunity that exists with the delete button?