In Progress

Responsive Shop Function

x8websolutions-block1 1 year ago • updated by emmasexpressions 3 months ago 36

Any idea when we will be able to have a responsive shop page?


Not planned

Member rights

coastalcreative 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 4 months ago 7

Ever since Moonfruit joined the world with V6, I have requested that we have the facility to allow members admin rights in order that they can update certain pages if not the whole site?

Has this happened yet? I'm not sure if I've missed an update but if I haven't this feature is long overdue and an important one.

Under Review

Convert whole site to responsive

cbaillie 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 year ago 1

Rather than having to manually add new responsive pages to a site, or change every single page in the site individually, would it be possible to convert the whole existing site to a responsive site in a simple process?

On hold/delayed

Responsive blog

Moonfruit 1 year ago • updated by homerjay 3 months ago 11

Images when imported on the editor turn out different sizes. There should be an automatic image size option.

jakesownfilms 1 year ago • updated 3 months ago 7

Responsive pages is really good. But it's frustrating when I add images to my page and due the different image sizes they all look different.

I wish there was a feature where you can choose an Image but get the option to automatically match the sizes of the other images on the page with an simple editor feature.


If I have select body with four images with text underneath them. When I import my images they shouldn't change to different sizes with neither matching each other. All should be aligned and match in size.

Future consideration

Reviews tool

Moonfruit 2 years ago • updated by cwhyte 1 month ago 7

Allow customers to review your products/services to increase sales.

Comment review and star ratings


Social Media Icons in Navigation Bar/ Header Area

aimeelbell 10 months ago • updated by blancabaeza 8 months ago 3

At the moment there is no way of adding small social media icons to the header/navigation area of the responsive pages as is the norm with most websites. I think this is vital for modern functional websites and need to be looked into asap.

In Progress

Promotional codes

helenkeast 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 3 months ago 9
  • Promotional codes should be available for customers to use with mobiles/tablets. It shouldn't just be for computers. This needs resolving.

More control over the mobile view

Moonfruit 1 year ago • updated 4 months ago 21

Be able to add elements alongside each other within columns

Moonfruit 1 year ago • updated by stevb 8 months ago 7

This will allow you to create things such as a social media bar by placing icons alongside each other.

Future consideration

Tidy up the blog platform

pistoriusbrett 1 year ago • updated by James Arndt 3 days ago 6

With the rise in more popular blogging templates and platforms, i shoul think that moonfruit need to very much considder a tidy up of their blogging feature.

with a quick look at wp and joomla templates, moonfruit seems so out of date, and out of touch.

There's no archive section headings, past links to posts, and it's all still a script roll which you need to page click through to read each one, with no short cuts.

Please moonfruit, take a look at the competition,try and align your self with them, and then push harder to over take. Make it tidy, functional and 21st century worthy


Allowing the Navbar background to change on each page

dannywhite23 3 days ago 0

It would be nice if we could change the background and text colors in the Navbar on each page.  I noticed the Moonfruit website does this and was wondering why we can't.  That would be a nice feature.  


Navigation Rollover Text Colour Change

Jon 4 days ago 0

Since the site change to the responsive site creator I am unsure how to change the navigation rollover text colour, is it possible or is this something that is in the works. This used to be easy to do with the floating editor box but now I am not sure how to do it.