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Blog Followers/Subscription

aimeelbell 1 year ago • updated by just-mimi 1 year ago 3

It would be great if a 'subscribe' or 'follow to my blog' feature could be added, so that followers are notified by email when a new post has been added?

Future consideration

Video Widget Needed!

coughlin 1 year ago • updated by suzikane 9 months ago 8

The reason many people like myself keep subscribing to Moonfruit is for the freedom - and expediency - to put on videos directly to Moonfruit. Youtube and Vimeo are irrelevant. Doing this directly with a small flash or mp3 video, onto Moonfruit, is a great convenience for the user and insures customer loyalty. Thank you for even one widget to play our uploaded videos....

Future consideration

Stock number available visible to visitors

fluffyretreat 1 year ago • updated by murraysmithassociates 1 year ago 2

Could we please have an option to show how many of each item are available to visitors in the web shop. At the moment it just shows whether it is available "in stock" or not "out of stock" but people do not know if they can buy more than 1 at a time! Please can you add a feature so that they visitors can see how many of each item is in stock.



Changing basic pages to responsive?

cardiffgareth 1 year ago 0

As my website is mainly images and I use PhotoSnack as per your recommendation with the email you sent out with their details, can these basic pages be migrated over to the newer responsive type and then a new slideshow be added? It'll save me a lot of work remaking web pages with text etc

In Progress

Ordering confirmation

lampshady 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 3 months ago 4

Hi - are you considering setting up communication with customers when they order from our websites? at the moment, our customers simply get a paypal confirmation, not an automatic response from us. I feel it is important that they receive an email from our webshop, and at present we are having to send out individual emails to customers, which is not always timely. Any plans? thank you


Copy & paste sections, rows & columns

stevenhouse 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 2 months ago 11

At the moment only a 'duplicate' option exists for sections & rows.

If you've designed a complex section for example it might be nice to be able to copy and paste on to another page. I'm thinking of a copy of the 'design' rather than the 'content'.


Subpages in responsive pages

daverthal1 1 year ago • updated by dionnemarshall 3 months ago 35
Future consideration

Accordion style for FAQ page

elenicolaou1 1 year ago • updated by hammerhead69 11 months ago 3

Hi there we have struggled to add standard HTML code to create an accordion style FAQ page where you can have a number of questions and click to show the answer. This is a most common place feature in websites.

I did google some HTML and did add the code to your HTML snippet but have had only managed 2 questions and it had difficulty in managing more




Ability to hide the header & footer from specific pages

Moonfruit 1 year ago • updated by daverthal1 3 months ago 19

Let us know if you think this is an important option to have.

Under Review

Age Verification for over 18 content

Thevapourmakers 1 year ago • updated by rumbeatdrink 6 months ago 3

I sell vapouriser products to people over the age of 18. It would be great to have a feature which will allow me to get people to enter their date of birth before entering my site. This would ensure that the site owner has at least asked the buyer for their date of birth, which i currently think is not possible...

Any help would be great. Thanks


Delete multiple files

1892grey 4 days ago 0

I am currently in the process of deleting old files from one of my sites. Unfortuanatly i can only do so 1 at a time which means it is taking a very long time. It would be a lot easier if i could select multpile files to all be removed at once,




ar eg 4 days ago 0
Under Review


dionnemarshall 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 3

IMPROVE the functionality of the  'ELEMENTS & SECTIONS' DRAG & DROP | Jan 15 18

The latest update of the responsive editor has resulted in the sections / elements having reduced functionality

Mac | Chrome

ISSUES | Via drag and drop

- Can be tricky to add a section

- Difficulty adding an element into a section (e.g image into a section) 

- Difficulty moving an element around other elements (e.g moving an Image within a column, above a divider line )

- Difficulty adding an element between other elements  (e.g adding a spacer in between 2 images) 

The previous versions before drag and drop (with +add sections\ elements) was easier to work

Thanks in advance

I can provide a video