In Progress

Add more fonts or option to upload our on font

revolutionchild 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 2 months ago 7

Can you please add the font 'Diabolo Heavy'

Under Review

H2 & H3 Tags for V6

rushelli 1 year ago • updated by keytohearing 1 year ago 4

How about making H2 & H3 tags available for V6 as it will improve website rankings. Thanks.

Future consideration

Google Adsense

adrianenglish 1 year ago • updated by jenahoneysnow 4 months ago 7

Would be great if you added google adsense


Improved Forms

Moonfruit 2 years ago • updated by bizbasis 1 year ago 14

Greater customisation over forms


Bring Back "View My Site" Function

x8websolutions-block1 9 months ago • updated by Moonfruit 6 months ago 8

HI guys,
The new minimalist editor layout seems to have removed the "view my site" function.  I understand you can "preview" within the editor, however this quite often doesn't actually show what you site looks and feels like to a visitor (i.e. 3rd party widgets often dont load etc).

To get a "live" view of a site, i'm now having to visit the site via a private browsing session, and toggle between to browsers.  No biggie, but just a wee bit of a nuisance.


Pop Up Email Subscription

thecroclub 12 months ago 0

Would be great to have a pop up email subscription on a responsive page like this site does http://fashion-incubator.com/5-reasons-you-cant-find-a-sewing-contractor/


The ability to verify your site with Pinterest

joscakes 12 months ago 0

I was surprised this week to learn that I cannot verify my website with Pinterest as no-one (not even the Moonfruit help staff) has access to the backend coding to be able to add the tiny piece of html necessary. This is really limiting!!

Future consideration

View your orders

chrys123 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 3 months ago 2

As well as being able to set up order confirmations, it would be really useful if we could view a list of our recent orders in the shop section.

Recent orders... an option to edit/personalise the automated order confirmation... a checkbox to send the email from one of our registered mailboxes.

Under Review

Crop Tool Needed

mikebrindle 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 year ago 1

Could you please add a crop tool to the editor. having to crop images in photoshop before uploading. The Image fill tool is not suitable and is tricky to resize.

Under Review

login account option for customers

nicknblo 1 year ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 year ago 1

Add a feature where customers can create accounts and login to see their purchase history.

Future consideration

File manager

spswebmaster 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 1

It would be really useful to have the file manager box/window float outside the webpage that is being edited, presently it is locked between the page boundaries and is often obscuring the view of my work. I frequently use a second monitor and it would be brilliant if I could drag the file manager to the 2nd screen to leave my working page clear

Under Review

Responsive Really

mrengie 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 1

I’m experiencing some really very annoying issues with the new responsive templates and the editor;


  • Why have you chosen to use a ‘grey’ font in the editor – it’s really very hard to see and find what you’re looking for.
  • Dropping sections is so confusing with the reducing screen, the beta version was a hundred times better
  • It take several very frustrating attempts to ‘drop’ elements into the sections
  • Takes an age and numerous attempts to drag elements to other sections
  • Pages, Sections, Elements etc were easier to use and find when they were at the bottom of the page, with them now on the left reduces the visibility of the screens working view
  • Why is the logout button hided
  • And very slow for responsive

Must say I was very excited with the beta responsive set up but I’m very very disappointed with what’s been rolled out. Why, oh why ? And here I am typing away again in GREY 

Future consideration

Hosting Sales on selected items

jool 1 month ago • updated by Moonfruit 1 month ago 1

Is it possible to have a facility in the settings section whereby you can add discount or free shipping to selected products as opposed to having to have a blanket discount or percentage off absolutely everything?  It would be so much easier than having to go in and amend individual prices for selective sales or promotions.