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Slideshow Headers

maddogmaddock 2 years ago updated by anonymous 7 months ago 3


I know that there is an ability to add slideshows at the moment, however I find that a feature such as a slide show header where you are able to put your text and other items such as buttons on would be a great feature.

It would allow us to make the website more interactive and allows us to show off more pictures as soon as they come onto the site.


Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP

charityann80 2 years ago 0

Hello I was wondering if Moonfruit would be able to AMP to their features. I have always used moonfruit but i'm considering migrate because this feature is not available 


Paypal buttons in gallery?

cardiffgareth 2 years ago 0


I have several galleries on my website that are thumbnails that can be clicked to full screen. Is there a way that when a user clicks full screen they not only have the file name of the image but also a Paypal button for every image that once clicked would take them to the shop for that image so they can choose what size etc they want?

Right now I have to say to customers to make a note of the file number, go to the shop and then in the Paypal comments, add the file number to the order which can lead to issues if a customer writes the wrong file number down etc.

It would be more professional to have dedicated buttons for all images, or even better, when they click full screen, the image displays to one side and on the other there is a range of options for sizes etc that they can then choose from and buy?


Draft and live version of website?

cardiffgareth 2 years ago updated by itinsite1 2 years ago 4

I know 1&1 do this so was wondering if it could be implemented here. If I want to amend how my site looks I am forced to save my changes first to see how it looks. If I don't like it then I have to try and remember how I changed it to change it back. This can be very problematic if I am looking to change the whole look and feel of the site.

1&1 offer users essentially 1 website but a live version and a draft version that you can alternate through so you can make a heap of changes and see how it looks. If it looks terrible then your website isn't effected but if you like it then you then live that version. Having to save your changes to see how it looks is pretty archaic!

It's such a pain having to potentially ruin your website if you want to experiment with a new look


Adding MailChimp for e-commerce

stevendot 2 years ago 0


I would like to connect my online store to MailChimp in order to learn more about my customers and increase my return on investment. MailChimp e-commerce features capture detailed purchase data from my customers that I can use to create personalised campaigns and automations.

When will there be an integration or an API available to connect my online store to MailChimp?

Future consideration

Subscriber/E-mail list

lightwarrior27 2 years ago updated by Moonfruit 2 years ago 1

It's imperative to be able to have a function for visitors to subscribe/join an e-mail list in order to build a web following and send out promotions en masse. Also, a way to be able to send e-mail to all the subscribers without all the subscriber's e-mail addresses being shared. Thanks!


When will we be able to add facebook pixel?

soundgardener 2 years ago updated by Moonfruit 2 years ago 1
Already available

Abillity to change domain from dashboard

wid-e 2 years ago updated by Moonfruit 2 years ago 1

for example, I have changed domain but I cannot access the editor to add the new domain to the website


Remove Social Media links from Products

acbrannan 2 years ago 0

I'd like the ability to remove Social Media links from each Product in the Shop, for my products Social Media links just aren't appropriate.  Thanks


Share your responsive site with us!

Moonfruit 2 years ago updated by daverthal1 2 years ago 16

Please use this thread to share your responsive sites. We really love seeing what you are doing with responsive pages and you can share tips/get feedback from other members of the Moonfruit community.


How to make my site secure

peter 1 year ago updated by Joseph Heintz 5 months ago 3

I want to make my site secure by changing to https. How do I do this in Moonfruit


No way to edit new site

lorenzi.dj 5 months ago 0

Distrogold.moonfruit is blank, and no way to put text onto it.  A new account on 25 April 2019.  Also, email from moonfruit indicates that I can start the work on it.  After login I select the Edit function but there is no activity.

What is the way to get started on the edit ? 


Pinterest Website Claim

tomarty 5 months ago 0

Hi there

Am I right in thinking it's still not possible for us to 'Claim' our website on Pinterest as something needs to be added to the header coding?

I see this problem has come up over 2 years ago but surely this issue should be sorted now?

For me as a business this is an important thing for me to be able to do so I may have to consider removing my custom from Moonfruit unless this issue is sorted.