Pop Up Email Subscription

thecroclub 4 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 1

Would be great to have a pop up email subscription on a responsive page like this site does http://fashion-incubator.com/5-reasons-you-cant-find-a-sewing-contractor/


The ability to verify your site with Pinterest

joscakes 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 1

I was surprised this week to learn that I cannot verify my website with Pinterest as no-one (not even the Moonfruit help staff) has access to the backend coding to be able to add the tiny piece of html necessary. This is really limiting!!


Ability to hide the header & footer from specific pages

Moonfruit 4 years ago updated by daverthal1 4 years ago 19

Let us know if you think this is an important option to have.

Under Review

Age Verification for over 18 content

Thevapourmakers 4 years ago updated by ibrahim 3 years ago 4

I sell vapouriser products to people over the age of 18. It would be great to have a feature which will allow me to get people to enter their date of birth before entering my site. This would ensure that the site owner has at least asked the buyer for their date of birth, which i currently think is not possible...

Any help would be great. Thanks

Under Review

H2 & H3 Tags for V6

rushelli 5 years ago updated by paulcheall 3 years ago 5

How about making H2 & H3 tags available for V6 as it will improve website rankings. Thanks.

Under Review

login account option for customers

nicknblo 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 5 years ago 1

Add a feature where customers can create accounts and login to see their purchase history.


Improved Forms

Moonfruit 5 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 21

Greater customisation over forms


spell check

reflections99 4 years ago updated by Lisa J 3 years ago 3

Is it me? Or a simple spell checker would be more than useful!


Bring Back "View My Site" Function

x8websolutions-block1 4 years ago updated by Hasnain Khatri 1 year ago 9

HI guys,
The new minimalist editor layout seems to have removed the "view my site" function.  I understand you can "preview" within the editor, however this quite often doesn't actually show what you site looks and feels like to a visitor (i.e. 3rd party widgets often dont load etc).

To get a "live" view of a site, i'm now having to visit the site via a private browsing session, and toggle between to browsers.  No biggie, but just a wee bit of a nuisance.

Future consideration

Facebook pixel codes

jaquiedaniels 4 years ago updated by Stacy Thomas 3 years ago 8

Is it possible to add a Facebook pixel to a responsive page? If so where should it be added?


The Light Code Customer feedback

Yong Sylvester Manifest 3 months ago 0

Inside of it, he takes into account the hypothesis that dying is undoubtedly an impression of the feelings as well as that the spirit survives inside of an continuing spiral of refinement, concluding in enlightenment. Imagined-provoking workout routines source a initially-palm experience of these as well as other ideas, helping you to help make perception of your own spirituality regardless of course you opt to comply with, as well as supplying you your in fact own chart of eternity.

In The Several Psychic Laws of Great results, Deepak Chopra distills the heart and soul of his lessons into several basic, nonetheless productive concepts that could very well be positioned on generate success in each areas of your existence-span. Mostly dependent after organic and natural regulations that control all of design, this book shatters the myth that great results is the end result of actually difficult display results, exacting programs, or driving aspirations. Doctor. Chopra demonstrates you how to reconstruct the model of your basic entire body to make sure that you may take benefit of perfect well-being, better amounts of power together with energy, and improved internal peace.

The Light Code Reviews

They're a great way to tracking precisely what state the code or papers is at, and what needs to be done before it can be approved. When leaving a review, you can label it an issue that needs addressing by the manager of the review demand. All available troubles will be shown like a kind of To do list, providing the owner a definite list of precisely what needs to be done for their next iteration. When reviewing photos and PDFs , you can review any part of the image or papers by visiting-and-hauling to leave a choice and typing your comment.

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It will allow you to re-center your point of view on that which will make you happy. A great deal of individuals have wonderful difficulties deciding what it is actually which is likely to make them actually happy. Therefore, The Light Code Reviews typically associate getting on your own in a link or possessing numerous close friends with pleasure. The issue with this may be that we unconsciously make our own happiness affected by other individuals. If we are encompassed by other people we’re happy, when we’re not in the firm of other people we truly feel remote and dissatisfied. The objective should be to understand exactly what it can be which will make us definitely happy-without having as outlined by another person more. We need to look for out that the right provider of happiness is situated in, alternatively of relying upon other folks to make us happy.

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Just What Is In The Bioenergy Code Program?

Leandra Von energy 3 months ago 0

In other words and phrases, the bioenergy code will guideline reprogram the opinions with favourable energy as well as vibrations. On the inside this bioenergy code evaluation, we go the whole 9 back yards to learn hooked up to the process at span.

The Bioenergy Code

We find out yourself drowning on the inside a pool of negative energies. It will probably make all of your challenges seem to be to get a item of birthday cake by supplying you a new furthermore to great frame of mind. So, The BioEnergy Code program is available at only $37. A part of this cost, from every purchaser, is contributed to SaveTheElephant.org.

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But as you deepen your art by means of bodily repetition and thoughts-system connection, you’ll experience the mediation good features for the brain. Improved analysis on deep breathing presents verified good features for well-being, boosted memory space as well as fascination, an enhancement in serotonin, and also the collection keeps developing. The mind by natural means, quickly glides into boredom, thus it might possibly pleasant distractions.

Advantages Of The Bioenergy Code Book

The Bioenergy Code could maintain you from turning into successful in existence-period. Thankfully you may track down a cure, The Several The Bioenergy Code. We actually feel that we are entirely in control of our feelings furthermore to steps, nonetheless really, this might not be real. Every thing that occurs in our lifestyle goes back to what carries on on in our subconscious mind. If you enjoy this episode, please leave a review, so others can have the freedom they deserve. This feeling of calmness will assist you clean up worries as well as dispose of pretty much any negative emotions. This will likely probably almost certainly adjust negativity on the inside your lifetime into alternatives to get you overflowing money, over-all wellbeing, furthermore The Bioenergy Code Review to joy in no times.

This book was published quite some time earlier (in the 30's, I believe that) and the publisher is simply not full of life, therefore you might have difficulty finding the book. Diverse of the very best practices of successful individuals entail only conscious energy, like getting up early each and every day. Other people, like becoming structured, might consider a lttle bit considerably more ability and also exercise but gradually bring about the most preferred end result of all - accomplishment. One of the normally talked about behavior of individuals who are successful in daily life-time is organization.


Unwanted Effects Of Steel Bite Pro

Kellie Tooth pain 3 months ago 0

In line together with the formal website, each Steel Bite Pro ingredient has established benefits towards oral hygiene as well as results from extensive analysis. Steel Bite Pro is honestly a great mix of factors which are natural and organic and also have established advantages. Let us authenticate out how each one in which is helpful for dental wellbeing.

Despite the fact that proceeding utilizing the ‘books’ implies that washing and also floss stay away from gums troubles having said that employing the superb dental care goods might not offer a 100% ensure of best dental care all about wellbeing. Additionally, you'll discover so several camouflaging locations inside the jaws where harmful bacteria and toxins can cover up and cause problems later.

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Consume a healthful and also nourishing abundant eating plan which includes each in the crucial vitamins as well as vitamins and minerals to boost wholesome gums and thus attain full oral attention. Oily species of fish like mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna, and eel are wonderful reasons for vitamin supplement D that is important for bone tissue well-being. A insufficiency in vitamin supplement D may cause free of moisture jaws that is really a precursor to acquire much more essential oral over-all wellbeing troubles like gum health issues along with tooth decay. Cheddar cheese is truly a exceptional method to acquire calcium which normally is surely an vital nutritional for that teeth. Our teeth as well as jaws are mainly comprised of calcium mineral as well as when we never get an ample quantity of it inside our diet system, we manage the possibility of creating gum health issues and also tooth decay. Calcium mineral is additionally found in other Steel Bite Pro Reviews and also drinks like dairy, low fat yogurt, beans, also as oysters.

Aggresive tooth-cleaning, especially making use of a tooth brush with strong bristles is pretty destroying to your teeth, and can cause tooth dress in and tough economy of your gums. The early signs of gum disease are usually swollen and red gums that keep bleeding, over time, if this sort of is not really dealt with it plays a part in gum economic depression. Having receding gums is absolutely a primary final result of gum disease and in addition gingivitis.

It’s a mild flavor, is not difficult to merge through the use of a liquefied, and won't be flavored with additional sweeteners, consequently it’ll be referred to as a wonderful addition to your early morning gourmet coffee or health proteins shake. When you choose a dietary well-being health supplement, your whole body divides along food for healthy teeth as well as bones into proteins which are particular. You will learn 18 aminos in natural sea collagen, that might possibly be ingested as well as used by a persons common figure.

It is actually a final result of overall well being issues that tend to be much more severe. Agonizing swelling, heart and also liver organ damage, tooth loss… they may be several of those. From it is possible to locate not many indications of the condition, this oral matter normally remains to be without treatment. One about the rather most popular dental care troubles in kitties is periodontal sickness.

Some of these autoimmune circumstances contain alopecia areata as well as alopecia totalis. Health supplements with supplement D can assist blunt inflamed answers that impair hair development. Though e vitamin deficit is uncommon, deficit can result in neurological and muscles injury in addition to eyesight troubles.