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H2 & H3 Tags for V6

rushelli 4 years ago updated by paulcheall 2 years ago 5

How about making H2 & H3 tags available for V6 as it will improve website rankings. Thanks.


Indeed, H2 and H3 are a basic (and original) tag that is required for semantically correct web pages. I have been web publishing for 20 years now, and Moonfruit is the only editor I am aware, that does not support them.

They will be easy to add as they work in the same way as Bold and Italic tags, and will be backward compatible.


I completely agree that this is absolutely a much needed feature that hopefully moonfruit will implement some time in the (near) future.


Header Tags are really important for on-page optimisation and something that many have been waiting along time for. It would be great to get an update on this.

A bit ridiculous that H2 and H3 not available. I'm getting panned for not being able to do this on client sites