Full screen photoslides for responsive pages

kerkveld 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 8

The photoslides for responsive pages are cool, but not fullscreen. Please make it happen. Thanks!


Hi. We are working on some gallery/slideshow enhancements next. This should include full width slideshows so there aren't small margins at each side. Is this what you mean by fullscreen?


Update on this: The gallery enhancements we were working on were delayed, but they should be released soon. Unfortunately this won't include full screen slideshows just yet, but that will still be something we intend to offer. I'll keep you posted. Sorry about that.


I'm pleased to say that we have just released some of the gallery/slideshow enhancements. You can now:

- Have full width slideshows

- Change the arrow styles on the slideshow or remove them completely

- Change the speed of slideshow image transitions

- Add a Filmstrip gallery.

Full details here. Apologies again for the wait!

Thank you very much, I'm going to try it right away!

This doesn't really work as the filmstrip gallery is more like a slideshow rather than a gallery. Can there be a way to have the gallery as thumbnails like in the image attached and then the viewer can click on an image to enlarge it full screen? My site is for my photography business and I sell images so having a gallery with full screen capabilities is a must really if I am to stay with Moonfruit and not look at what the competition has to offer. If we could do that ideally having the option of a dedicated button for the shop so the purchase of more streamlined also would be great.

I agree with you completely. We need to have an option for a pop-up of the enlarged image for the gallery. I will see if we can fit this in soon and will update you within the next week.