Mobile Version of Website to be Edited

englishheartwood 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 4 years ago 1

I would really like it if there were a lot more options to edit the mobile version of the website I have created.

At the moment I am unable to write any fonts or styles of my mobile website. I was really disappointed when I signed up to moonfruit and saw the mobile website.

Text and images are simply imported and menus and headers do not appear in the same style as the main website.

I really feel that this lets my business down and I therefore make sure that mobile users are directed to the main website and the mobile website is not seen as it looks so poor and amateur compared to other mobile sites.

This is obviously not the optimism way to view a website on a small device and so being able to really edit the mobile website almost in as much detail as the main web page would be highly beneficial to me and I am sure that other moonfruit users would feel the same way.


We are currently focusing our efforts on developing our new responsive pages feature. Responsive pages will automatically resize and adjust depending on the device it is being viewed on. If you haven't already heard about this, you can opt in to test the beta version of these pages here: http://www.moonfruit.com/blog/updates/responsive-pages-beta-release-opt-in/

As these pages are still in beta, we are continually adding new features and improving the way they work. We have plans to work on allowing people to customise how certain things display on mobile view, but many people have recreated their site using all responsive pages and are loving their new site. Maybe give it a try :)

We have some help pages dedicated to responsive pages: http://help.moonfruit.com/responsive-pages-beta Feel free to also contact our support team if you need any help.