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404 Landing page

bacchuspalms 4 years ago updated by 3rdcumbernauldtroop 4 years ago 2

It does not seem possible to set up a 404 landing page.

Could this be corrected please?

Thank you


Was about to post regarding this but I'll post in response to this :)

This definitely needs to be done so I agree with bacchuspalms.

I only found out recently after having a review done on my website that a 404 page didn't exist.

Which means that on my website if I were to delete a product in my shop, although the product is gone, if someone happens to stumble on the URL from somewhere, the page/url still exists but the page is black and doesn't give the user really any information.

And because the page/url still exists, the page is still being indexed by google but now gets flagged as having duplicate meta tags and description.

Ultimately the best way to improve this in terms of shop products is when a product is deleted, the page/url is deleted and/or the page automatically redirects to the home page of the website.

As for 404 errors which is the whole point of this topic... same kinda situation. Moonfruit should make a 404 page that automatically displays using the theme of your website which then either you can leave or after a set amount of time will automatically redirect you to the home page of your site.