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Additional "Product Options" drop downs.

c4uapp 2 years ago • updated by Victor Strange 4 days ago 15 2 duplicates

Right now, you can only have one "product option" drop down. This makes the site much less effective and streamlined if you are selling something like clothes which typically requires size and color options. The ability to add a 2nd or 3rd would make the Moonfruit much more functional for sellers. It is also seemingly a minor change to the site that I would greatly appreciate.

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Future consideration
Future consideration

My product involves the client making 3 choices to get to the final finished item. I press wedding bouquets and close them off in a frame. Clients need to choose arrangement style then frame type and frame size. As it currently stands it is almost impossible for me to actually set up an online shop. I need some type of sub option choice for clients.

I have been waiting for years for this to be implemented - Cant be that hard to add a second option for colours or sizes.

Could you please add possibility to include links in Edit product description window? Will be great to have something similar to Edit blog post window has.

In Progress

Hi, The Shoprocket integration for responsive pages will allow you to set up multiple dropdowns for a single product.

This integration is due to be released soon. You can follow this thread for updates: http://feedback.moonfruit.com/forums/1-feedback/topics/303-responsive-shop-function/

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