Download link for Responsive Pages

willygamble 4 years ago updated by Pennis Giant 1 year ago 8 2 duplicates

When will we be able to create a link in the responsive pages for downloads?

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We have just started work on adding more link options. This should be included as part of this work, so I will update you when I can.

This feature is almost ready. I will have an update for you tomorrow.

@flydesign - You can currently add click to call links. Just go to add a normal link (to an external URL) but instead of typing a website address, add tel:1234567891

Just replace 1234567891 with your own phone number and you should be able to create a call link using any text, or icon on your page.

Hope that helps.

I have seen a preview of this feature working today, but there are still a few tidy ups that need to be done. We hope to be able to release this next week.

Any progress on this much needed feature please? ETA? Thank you.

Sorry about this being delayed! We had to make a few changes to this feature but it is in test now. As long as there are no issues found which need to be fixed, this could hopefully be released next week. The download file link will initially be available for buttons, icons and images. It will be added as a text link option later as this works differently to the other elements.



Hi, on Friday we released this link option for buttons, images and icons. We'll be publishing a help article on this shortly!