https again and Moonfruit rip offs

Gartmore 1 year ago updated by oakbeechvalley 1 year ago 1

Dear Moonfruit 

I have paid for an HTTPs upgrade for my website. I have a custom domain name from Names.co.uk. 

Now Moonfruit tell me that I do not have a custom domain name and therefore cannot upgrade. What is going on and where has my £27 upgrade fee gone?

Not at all happy. Refund or sort this out please.

Hi Gartmore, seems I may of fallen into the same trap as you, I payed £27  and it looks like they have just told me to change my DNS setting and not upgraded as purchased an up grade security HTTPS as advertised on there web page, Just emailed Bobbin at Moonfruit to find out whats happening looks like they have taken my money and told me to sort it out?