Future consideration

Add a Search facility to the shop please a.s.a.p

paddy1985 4 years ago updated by anonymous 2 months ago 66 3 duplicates

I would love a search facility to the shop so people can find something easily

thank you

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Future consideration

It is currently possible to use our Google search app and set it so that it searches the shop page. If you'd like to try this, you can view the guide on adding this here: http://help.moonfruit.com/widgets/other-widgets/adding-a-google-search-app

We are considering different ways we can enhance our shop at the moment, so a separate shop search function may be something that is added soon.

Future consideration

I am currently looking at moonfruit, wix and squarespace I've started a trial with you to see how the website would look however I'm very surprised there is no search feature.  Its a basic requirement is it not? For those that blog, have stores how can potential customers find things with ease one we build up the content.

Yes, please do. It is a very basic /standard function which is found on all quality websites, including your own ! Yet you do not have this option for your customers. Yes, there is some app you can download for a Google search bar but who wants a search bar with "Google search" text in it ? We just want a blank box !