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members & site admin log-ins on responsive sites

justanact51 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 2 3 duplicates

Hi, the members and site admin log-in option does not function for responsive sites.

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We have made some progress with these functions being available for responsive pages. You can access the people tab from a responsive page (in the editor) and you can set a responsive page to be visible to members or site admins only.

You won't get the same login/logout menu link appearing in your responsive page navbar when you have these options set up but the login/logout link will still appear in your menu if you have regular v6 pages on your site too.

If your site is responsive pages only, members or site admins can log in by going to yourdomain.com/login or by having a direct link to the members pages - you can either send this to them or have an object link (for example an image or text link) to the members page elsewhere on your site. They will then be prompted to login.

Important: You cannot set all of your pages to be restricted to members because this will cause an internal server error on your site and it won't be accessible.

If your homepage is responsive and is set to be visible to members only, it won't load as the homepage. The next page available to 'everyone' will load instead.

At the moment, logout links do not display on responsive pages, so the only way to enable people to logout would be to have regular pages available on your site, or to keep member pages as old regular pages so the logout button always appears on the restricted pages. We will update this thread when we are able to enhance this functionality more. We advise you to test your site after setting up restrictions to ensure it works the way you'd like until then.