Video Backgrounds

Moonfruit 4 years ago updated by x8websolutions-block1 3 years ago 8

Bring your site to life by adding a video background.

If there could be filters/options/effects for how the video was displayed that'd be fantastic.

There is a glitch with video background. When you add video there 10 px is a gap on the left of the screen.cgeck this link:http://otel2.hotellinkage.org/ana-sayfa/4593014937


In mobile view video should not load. Default video thumbnail should be visible instead of video on mobile view. Currently Mobile view not working correctly

Same here. Very important for mobile phones.

We intend on changing the way Youtube videos are displayed on mobiles soon. I will post an update about this when we have one.

Hi, think the video backgrounds look brilliant but thought of some possible improvements, in order of importance:

  • Ability to mute sound
  • Ability to upload video ourselves
  • Ability to choose a "fall back" image for devices on which video backgrounds shouldn't/cant play, or enable autoplay on tablets (although i'm aware this is actually an issue with tablets)
  • More flexibility on filters like blur etc

    Look forward to seeing what you guys manage next! :)