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njpringle1 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 months ago 3

Like the old version this new responsive version, which is great, sadly also has the same weak spot - navigation, usability for people to find other sections and pages like on most websites, even simple blog sites such as blogger.


You have moved the upload image button to the top which is better than when you had to scroll all the way to the end of the images, but when an image is uploaded it goes all the way to the end, so you have to scroll and scroll to get to it to add to the page, whereas the old version was better as once loaded it shows first so you can click to add.There is also no folders to sort the images.


This new version has the same issue as the old as it is very poor when it comes to navigation, it is the one aspect of moonfruit that I really find bad, in contrast to blogger, wordpress etc, the usability for visitors is not very good. I think rather than loads of new apps more time should go into thinking how sites navigation can be improved


It seems that you have to go to an old page to add a responsive page, and if you are on a new page the button is disabled. Along with navigation, the other worst feature of moonfruit, is the page management, it is a nightmare for people with larger sites. The only way you can find a page is to scroll and scroll and guesswork. There is no folders. It is really outdated, and again compared to sites like blogger it is awful, as there you can find old pages easily, including do a search of them. I have posted about this before and others said they agreed and have the same problem, but after years, you have done nothing about it.

If these issues can be sorted it would make a big difference and would make moonfruit perfect. I really do love the responsive pages. Your team has done a great job!


Hi, on Friday we released an update to the file manager for responsive pages. http://help.moonfruit.com/announcements/responsive-pages/release-021216

Folders are now pulled over from the old file manager. You can add new folders also. When you upload an image, they display in alphabetical order, however if you go to the list view, you can see the recently uploaded files. We are working on more file manager enhancements!

We are also working on improving the navbar at the moment. The first bit of work is allowing you to add a logo to the navbar but we will also be working on sub-pages etc.

We definitely agree with your point about page management! At the moment, you do have to go to an old style page to add a new responsive page but we will be making the Page tab accessible from the responsive pages to make this easier. We will improve page navigation in the editor to make it easier to go between pages to edit, at least by adding something like a search bar.

To summarise, we understand your feedback and hope to be working to improve most of this very soon :) We love to hear that you are enjoying responsive pages!


Hi, Page management can now be accessed through the responsive editor directly, so I will mark this request as completed.

Make sure to follow this thread to keep up to date with navbar improvements: http://feedback.moonfruit.com/forums/1-feedback/topics/253-subpages-in-responsive-pages/