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How do I change a template on an existing website?

ljung 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 2

Hi! My website is looking very old and I need a different and more up to date template. Can I change it within Moonfruit?

Hi! It isn't possible to change to a new template once you have built your site, you would have to manually edit your pages (everything on your page is customisable).

An alternative option would be to try our new responsive pages feature. This feature is still in beta mode at the moment as we have not finished work on it, but many people are already redesigning their site using responsive pages. This might be of interest to you, especially as we are adding more features such as slideshows.

If you would like to try responsive pages, you can opt in here. Then add the HTML5 responsive page, just like you would any other page. You can find our guides to help you get started editing these pages here.