Chris Grant MND link still not working on Moonfruit site

chrisgrantuk 3 years ago updated by anonymous 9 months ago 2

Received the following reply from Moonfruit

My reply to Moonfruit -

Your link to chat service does not work

Help service seems to have been made more difficult to contact to resolve problems

I am getting nowhere

Suggest you examine the fault & let me know what the fault is & what can be done about it

It would appear this is down to associating my MND site with my Chris Grant site link somehow

The link works on every other internet site I use ?

Dear chrisgrantuk,

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Hi, please chat to our support team about this using the chat service on help.moonfruit.com. They should be able to check the link for you.

The Moonfruit Team

Hi, I changed the beginning of your link from https:// to http:// and this has resolved the problem. Try the link now and it should work for you.

The support chat service should also work for you. The chat icon should appear in the bottom right-hand corner of help.moonfruit.com. When you click on it, the chatbox opens.

Can you see this at all? Thanks