How to add more than 1 responsive page?

richso 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 3

Having created a new responsive page, I tried to copy that page and use the copy as a basis for a second responsive page. After editing this second page, I returned to the original homepage, to find that the second page edits had also been applied to the homepage! Hours of work wasted. And if I try and add a new responsive page from scratch - it looks like the (now ruined) original homepage. Does your system only cater for one responsive page per site?!

How do I add new, different responsive pages and therefore actually build a website with this tool?

Hi, at the moment you can only add a responsive page by going back to the old editor page management. In the new year, we will be adding a button to add a new page in the responsive editor so you don't have to go back and forth. If you don't have a non-responsive page on the site, click on the small button highlighted in red in the screenshot below to go back to the old editor. Then you can access the 'Pages' tab> Add a new page.

Sorry but I have not made myself clear. I know I can add a new responsive page through the old editor - but the page it creates is exactly the same as the first - or any other - responsive page created. And any edits made to any of these responsive pages are made to every one. It looks like a bug to me? Thanks

Hmm, this doesn't sound right. Which site of yours is this happening with? I will check it.