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chrys123 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 2 2 duplicates

As well as being able to set up order confirmations, it would be really useful if we could view a list of our recent orders in the shop section.

Recent orders... an option to edit/personalise the automated order confirmation... a checkbox to send the email from one of our registered mailboxes.

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Future consideration

Hi, The new Shoprocket integration for responsive pages will allow you to view a list of your orders, resend the order email to customers, and choose which mailbox the email is sent from. At this stage you will not be able to edit the order confirmation email however we will look at possibly introducing this in the future!

The shop integration is due to be released soon. You can follow this thread for updates: http://feedback.moonfruit.com/forums/1-feedback/topics/303-responsive-shop-function/