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Voucher purchase and production through SHOP

cbrigby 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

We would like a shop option for a gift voucher which is automatically emailed through to the customer. This is the way all voucher companies now operate. We would also require a listing of those vouchers available.

Under Review

Hi, when you say that most voucher companies 'automatically' email vouchers to customers now, what would you like to see? Are you referring to gift vouchers that other people can buy for someone else and they recipient gets an email with the code? Thanks.

There are different ways of doing it. What we had on our previous site, which has now closed due to the company closing down, was a shop item of a voucher which had different options. Once the customer had selected the basic time voucher they wanted, they could add extra features such as observers, Saturday option, photograph etc... Once they had paid for it, the voucher was automatically emailed to them with the recipients name on it, details of the gift bought for them plus any extras added. I appreciate this may be a bit complicate for yourselves, but if you look at our shop offering at the moment, we could design either a template voucher to which the options were added or alternatively create different templates to fit whichever voucher had been purchased. Either way, if the purchaser could then enter their email address, postal address (if they wanted it posted to them), contact telephone number, and then the voucher was automatically emailed to them, that would be good. We would also need some form of report list of items purchased. If you want to talk about this, please feel free to give me a call - 07831 161477