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Age Verification for over 18 content

Thevapourmakers 3 years ago updated by ibrahim 2 years ago 4

I sell vapouriser products to people over the age of 18. It would be great to have a feature which will allow me to get people to enter their date of birth before entering my site. This would ensure that the site owner has at least asked the buyer for their date of birth, which i currently think is not possible...

Any help would be great. Thanks

Under Review

Hi, if you are needing to get the site visitor to confirm that they are over 18, you could add a Splash page to your website which specifies that viewers should be over 18. The visitor then has to click on an agree or enter button to view the actual site. The steps to do this are as follows:

1) Add a new blank page to your site.

2) Set this as the top page in the page organiser.

3) Add the age notice text and a confirmation button which links to the page you want site visitors to see upon entering the site.
4) Hide the main menu from the splash page: Click 'Pages' > 'Page settings' > 'Hide menu on page'.

We don't currently have a separate feature which asks people to confirm their age before they can enter the site. Do you think the above steps are suitable enough or is something missing? Thanks

I think this is not effective because it can be easily avoided by using google. This means potential underaged users can 'accidentally' stumble across adult content and renders the splash page useless as far as certain laws are concerned regarding adult content. Leaving the owner of the site open to fines.

Hi, Any chance we can get the age verification feature in place as we urgently need it for our site? we sell alcoholic products and by law users need to get their age verified. Please.

Many Thanks.

hi, i need an age verification button asap your method is out dated and not up to scratch