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A 2017 Tutorial

kenkelly1 3 years ago updated by josebooker 7 months ago 6 2 duplicates

As you are providing new tweeks to the MF software, it would be good if you could put together a new video tutorial, covering all the new add-ons and responsive page actions in order that we non-experts can learn how it all goes together. Oh, and a basic slideshow would be nice. But keep up the great work guys.

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We do intend on adding some video tutorials to help people get to grips with responsive pages. We are currently improving some of the design of the responsive page editor, but once that is done, we will post some videos.

Thanks for the reply guys. Looking forward to getting to grips with the new format. Kind regards, Ken

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We have started creating some new video help content. You should see more of these being added to the guides in our help centre soon. An example one is here.

We also do have a responsive slideshow feature. You can learn how to add this using this guide.


Well you are getting busy. Great stuff. Thanks for the reply.