Not planned

P.O.A Price on Application. Please add to the price box as you can only enter £00.00 not letters.

Amanda Simpson 3 years ago updated by dlthatcher 3 years ago 2

Sometimes it would help to have a P.O.A Price on Application added to the product description and price bar. Just wondering if there is a way of doing this now.?

Not planned

Hi, there isn't a way to do this with our shop page at the moment. Sorry about that. It's not something we have plans to add at the moment, but if there are more votes it might be something we consider in the future. Thanks.

This means I cannot use your services, and will have to use Wix, which does allow this option. Entering 0.00 displays the text 'contact for pricing' in place of the price.  It's a shame because I find your user interface much simpler.