Access using 'Flash'

brian.witherow 7 months ago updated by Mary Clemson 4 months ago 1

Hi, When I go to enter my website I get a message to enable 'Flash' which I have to respond to to continue.  I use Google Chrome as my browser and they say they will discontinue supporting 'Flash'.  Are you planning any changes to make my editing easier?  Brian.

I've asked the same thing and was told 

'Hi there,
Our old editor (v6 version) was built on a technology called Flash, which is expected to be deprecated globally by 2020, hence we are providing the new users with our latest editors and thereby stopped offering the old version of the editor.
If you would like to get the new responsive templates, click add new site on your dashboard -> choose the responsive templates instead of flash'

I then asked if there is a way to convert my site as i'm not sure it will function properly at the end of the year if at all and I was told this

'We are sorry, we can't convert your site. If you want you need to build it from scratch with in the responsive version.Thank you'

So it looks like loads of us have the 'joy' of potentially rebuilding our sites all over again.