Ability to hide the header & footer from specific pages

Moonfruit 3 years ago updated by daverthal1 3 years ago 19

Let us know if you think this is an important option to have.

Right now, responsive pages show a lot of potencial but need several tweaks in order to be able to be used as final solution. This is one of the main tweaks it needs for header footers become usable in any website more complex then a few similar pages.

Please can you give an idea of when this will be added. It is becoming frustrating having to wait for this important feature, as it will make both pc and mobile versions look the same, as having a V6 editor enter/splash page really makes a website look unprofessional on a mobile, when it looks like 2 different websites!

Any timescale on when this will be done. This thread seems to have been forgotten about with updates!

We don't understand why this is not done yet. It is essential for header and footers to be usable in a website bigger the just one page...

This is something we would expect to be done along time a go :((.

Is there any update on this feature, or is it like all the others that we have asked for, now not happening? Lets have some honest transparency as to what is going on.Monnfruit. You are starting to look like the bad old days again, and this is something you need to sort out ASAP. Just be totally honest and tell everyone in a newsletter what is really going on. Also don't leave this on Moderation, so nobody can read this. That stinks of hiding something!

At the moment, this work is still planned but is not in progress. We are still working on other parts of the editor that have been requested more and are currently a higher priority than this. However, I will see if we can bump this and fit it in any sooner. I'll let you know with an update this week.

Not good enough. this was asked for 5 months ago and has more votes than some of the features you have done. So it seems you are just picking the ones you can do. This needs to be done ASAP!!!

I think the editor was becoming great, but it is still unusable in many aspects because instead of correcting features that are core and essential to make it useful, Moonfruit keeps adding extra features just because they are voted. I confess I lost a bit of interest in Moonfruit a couple of months ago and .I am not surprised my last comment was done 1 month ago. 

Capital features such as navigation menus, header/footer visibility or copy/paste ability between pages are structural and should not be left dependent to voting. On the other hand, things such as more templates are probably voted a lot but are not essential.

Thanks for your comments. I want to stress that although votes and requests are taken into consideration, ultimately they do not determine what we work on. We take a lot of things into account when planning what we will work on next.

It’s a shame to hear that you lost interest in what we were doing, but I can understand your reasons why. Some of the core features we have been working on have taken some time to be developed, and I can appreciate that can be a bit disheartening but comments like this are welcomed.

Improved navigation is a big priority for us to sort out and I agree that copy and pasting to other pages is also important to many users. We had not been getting much feedback on header/footer visibility control. This is why we had not considered this as a high priority compared to other things for the majority of users, so although it was definitely planned, it was delayed so we could work on other things. Regarding your point about templates, we felt it was important to offer more section templates as editing them can help users get to grips with how you can use the features and build responsive pages.

Following these comments, though, I am finding out if we can address the header/footer visibility sooner. As promised, I will update this thread before the end of the week.


We have just finished off some changes to how responsive pages get saved/published (I have previously spoken about this). This work still needs to be tested (testing may bring up issues that need to be fixed). Once this work is released, we believe it should be relatively simple to add an option to hide the header/footer from specific pages. It would be more complicated if we tried to do it before this other work was released, so we cannot look into it before then.

The release date for the save/publish work does depend on how testing goes and whether we find issues with it, but we hope it should be either next week or the week after. I'll be able to give you more information about the header and footer visiblity then.

Thanks and enjoy your weekends.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?😰

There have been some issues with the save/publish work that are currently being addressed. We believe there is a couple more days of testing for this before we can move onto the header/footer work but fingers crossed we are nearly there :)

The problem is always the same: Moonfruit Responsive pages still don't have the most basic and essential tools, such as Copy/paste between pages& Navigation to allow the creation of an even slightly professional website.

This Header problem wouldn't even be urgent if it was possible to easily copy element between pages and when it becomes done it will help but wont solve the major problems.

Because there is no Copy/Paste between pages (the number one tool that should exist from the start, that is still missing and I never see it mentioned)  the header is one needed workaround. But because it applies to all pages, it simply can't be used if the website is supposed to have one or many different pages (login page or other languages, for instance).


What are the most needed tools? just answer the following questions:

1. How can someone create a website with about 10 pages in one language and the same 10 pages in a second or even a third language without a [Copy/paste] tool/ Header tool? We asked for this in day one. To my knowledge, it still doesn't exist.

2. How can someone make a working website header that links to these 10 pages and subpages? To my knowledge, It still doesn't exist.

3. How can the website keep consistency between some elements (different from the default) in different pages? [Copy/paste again].

4. How can someone place a dropdown in a Form to have the visitor select his/her country? [insert each country in the world one by one?].We asked to be possible to copy/paste lists into forms as it is possible in the Java Moonfruit version as soon as forms came out in Responsive pages. To my knowledge, It still doesn't exist.

How can we deal with this?

Just don't think about it and let Moonfruit develop lots of very very simple website new templates instead. :(

Or, in our case, have the website full of HTML snippets and iframes that link to javascript pages to be able to have the simplest menu, footer, form, etc. In other words, use Responsive pages not using responsive pages :)

Hi, we are addressing the navigation and copy/paste requests but you have a great point regarding the forms. Thanks for taking the time to raise this - I haven't seen this raised before, but I may have missed it! I'll mention it to our team.

Any news on this, as it was 2 weeks ago that you said there were issues with the save/publish work. Surely this should be sorted out by now, and that particular update seems to be taking forever! Pull your finger out moonfruit, this is becoming a bit of a farce now, which is a shame. 

Hi all, whilst the publishing work was completed shortly after our last message, we have had to work on other things based on priority. As an example, we resumed work on the navbar and have created a copy/paste function which we believe will be of more benefit to a larger amount of users at this stage. This is almost ready to release. I hope that the copy/paste function will be helpful to some people waiting on the ability to hide a header/footer from the page, as it should allow you to add content to other pages so much faster than you currently can (meaning you can add it outside of the header area).

I am going to raise this again to see where it fits in our roadmap and I will update when I have an answer to that. Thanks.

Well said concepsys, someone else who thinks the same way as I do. Please Moonfruit start listening to your customers. We are not here to have a go at you, but when a feature like this was asked for 8/9 months ago, and you still have not got round to it, then you deserve some form of criticism. Yes the copy/paste feature will be a good thing to have, but it still will not be the same as hiding the header and footer, which has quite rightly been said is a BASIC feature, which for some unknown reason, you just don't seem to get. I hope this feature will now be moved to the top of your roadmap, which is something in itself a bit of a mystery. Come on guys sort this out!

Any update on the heading of this thread (hide header/footer from specific pages)?  This is one of many essential features that is missing from the responsive editor.

Hi all, The copy/paste function mentioned below is on target to be released within the next few weeks. We do not yet have timescales for hiding header and footer sections however we'll be sure to post here when we do have an update.