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Request for a file upload option on a contact form

crowncountryinn 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 3

Hi, we were wondering whether it is possible to add something to our contact form in order for our customers to upload a file and send it to us from our website?

Already available

Hi - This is possible at the moment.

You just need to insert a form, then double-click on the form so the '+' button appears. Click the plus button to choose a new field type> select 'Upload file'. This will allow site visitors to upload a file when they submit a form.


Are you aware this function doesn't work?

When a file is submitted to a form and sent, the website owner just receives the file name in the email - the file isn't attached.  Similarly, when you download data, the file is not there, just the file name,

Could we get an idea on when this will be fixed?

Hi, with a file upload, the file actually gets added to the file manager of your website where it can be downloaded, however, we have done a fix to add the download link in the email too. The fix needs to be tested before being released. It should be sorted soon :)