Phone number link

anthonysbusinesscarddesigns 3 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 4

If I try to create a hyperlink to a phone number with an image as the point of contact, as opposed to using the "add text", instead of bring up your phone's call function, it brings up a "about:blank" webpage. Is there any way we can get that fixed?

Future consideration

Hi, click to call currently works with text links, but it seems that the same functionality doesn't work for other elements. I will find out if we are able to quickly add this, however, it is not as high priority as some other features as you can still achieve this with text links at the moment.

I will try to give you an update this week!

In Progress

We now have a phone number link option available for text links. This functionality is now being implemented for images, icons and buttons too. I'll update this thread when they are available!