Square Menu on Tablet like Mobile

darrenholden 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 1

I have just created a new responsive site to replace a V5. Everything looks good on the previews for Tablet on a desktop screen, using a mouse the sub pages drop down on the Navigation Bar. But now I have gone live and view on an actual tablet, the many sub pages can't be accessed as the touch screen opens the host page before you can access a drop down menu, even the arrows aren't playing on all Main headings, that is erratic to which show or even none. I have tried increasing the font size (although that isn't ideal as it forces on to 2 rows on a tablet,) but it makes no difference. A separate Menu like on a mobile would solve this. At the moment Tablet users only have access to half my site.

UPDATE: No longer required as it seems my ipad is the issue being iOS 9.3.5 less than the v10 required. It tested fine on a newer one. I tried to delete the request/idea but there is no edit/delete option. Perhaps you can do it?