Image gallery slideshow/scrolling image gallery

chunt164 3 years ago updated by Keith 4 months ago 2

Scrolling image gallery

A scrolling image gallery would be great - currently I have to use Photostack and its not very good - the photostack branding appears at the start and end of the slideshow, and it requires having to go into a separate site to edit and update images.

Could we have one that is unbranded, quick to start and easy to edit images in Moonfruit please?

Hi, I looked at your site and could see some Photosnack slideshows, but the style looks very similar to our slideshow feature? I would advise you check this guide and try adding our own slideshow to see if it suits you.

If it isn't what you wanted, please let me know. I may have missed something. Thanks!

Hi I cant see the features described in your moonfruit guide solution, 

where are column, elements and gallery buttons?