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Ability to add tables/lists

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The old flash site had the ability to use tables, which has gone since HTML5 came in. Its not required to build a page layout as that is considered the old way of doing things, but to display the likes of spreadsheet data such as lists etc would be great. Currently having to link out to One drive or similar but this takes a while to load which is not satisfactory for my website.

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Future consideration

Has this been given any further consideration? I'm still not wanting to migrate my site as there are a number of pages with tables of lists (an index) that will be completely lost and take an age to rebuild in a new way.

Not planned

Hi, I'm really sorry if this is an issue for you due to the number of tables you have. This doesn't impact most of our users in the way it impacts you. It is not likely that we will be adding a table feature in the V6 editor as we are currently focusing our efforts on developing our responsive pages. Responsive pages do not require Flash player and therefore it is more valuable to work on this than adding new features to our V6 editor for most of our users.

It is still possible to add tables to a V6 site, but this is by using a 3rd party and has to be done manually. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I would also like to simply be able to add a table, as I was able in the previous version. I have looked at the link above for how to embed it from another site, but it does not work, unfortunately.

Hi Jon,

If you find that something in our help guides is not working, please contact our support team directly who may be able to help.


So easy to add to a visible table real time. As above 3rd party takes ages.