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Proper Use Of Bold, H1, H2, Italics etc for seo.

darrenrivers 3 years ago updated by 3rdcumbernauldtroop 2 years ago 2

Why does moonfruit not include the use for seo of Bold tags, H1, H2, Italics etc. It is very

important now for seo. Surely this should be next feature on the list to be done.

You would think it would be something very high on the list of things to do. I'm surprised that it hasn't already been implemented to be honest as I don't imagine it would really take that long to code in.

Already available

Hi, H1 and H2 are currently marked up in the responsive editor. In V6, Title text is marked up as H1 (H2 is not available and is not on our roadmap I'm afraid). If you need H2, you may want to look at recreating your website in the new responsive editor.