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Links to "sections" on another responsive page

deanelliottphotography 3 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 6 1 duplicate


I looking to turn my current website with you from around 15 pages into three or four responsive pages.

To assist with this it would benefit to be able to have links to sections on a different responsive page.

Would this be somthing that you could look into?

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Hi, we are planning to implement this feature. I don't have an estimated time regarding when we will do this just yet, as we are currently working on trying to get the responsive pages at a level where they can be taken out of beta, but it is on our list so we will update this thread when we can.


thanks for your reply!! I have actually figured away out for this, thanks for your reply.


I have worked out how to do this.....choose text as link, http://domain/page#section name

Works perfectly!

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Yes this workaround should work for images, icons and buttons (add a URL link). Thanks for your tip Gary :)

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Yes there is a tip that should work for images, icons and buttons and text links (add a URL link in the following format: domain.com/pagename#sectionname).