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Shop Gift Cards/Promo Codes Suggestions

3rdcumbernauldtroop 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 2

Would it be possible for Gift Cards/Vouchers to be sold in shops that would allow customers to buy lets say a £10 Gift Card/Voucher as a present for someone else.

These gift cards/vouchers would be automatically in the product list by default but disabled unless a site admin wishes to make them active.

When a customer purchases a £10 Gift Card/Voucher, it would automatically create a new single-use "Promo Code" in the shop giving the customer £10 off a purchase using the code. The discount code would be automatically generated and emailed to the customer.

Once the code (Gift Card) is used then it is automatically disabled to prevent the code being used more than once.


This could still be possible without the automation that I proposed and have an option when creating a promo code to make the promo code single-use and possibly also set an expiry date for the code.

This could then be emailed to the customer by the site admin.

Any chance of any response at all from moonfruit? I'm not looking for "Yes, this is happening" but I would like to hear thoughts on my suggestion and whether or not it could be something for consideration in the future.

Future consideration


I like your suggestions and I definitely think they are valid. A gift option would be a great addition to our shop offering. 

At the moment we are currently focusing our efforts on developing our responsive pages. Responsive pages don't require Flash player for editing and offer a better mobile view than our v6 sites, therefore we feel it is more valuable to work on developing this further and getting it out of beta than adding new features to our V6 editor at the moment.

Thanks for taking the time to explain your thoughts in great detail, though. I have marked this as a future consideration.