Better formating of text boxes

henleywebsites 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 1

I do like many aspects of version 6, particularly the image gallery and the page footer. However, when viewing the live page the text in text boxes is rendered differently than when viewing the editing page. On many of my pages this results in the text box being made one or even two lines longer so that it superimposes on whatever is below it on the page. This did not happen when using version 5: what you saw on the editing page was what you got on the viewing page. Some of my websites are still in version 5 and they still render correctly.

This anomaly does make organising the layout of each page very difficult, as I have to guess the size of the gap to leave between items to allow for the lengthening of a text box. If I get it wrong I have to go back and readjust everything - very frustrating.

I do hope that this can be sorted out.

Hi, in V5, both the site editor and the live sites were rendered using Flash. In v6, the editor is Flash-based but the live sites are rendered using HTML5. Due to this, the fonts can look different in some browsers in edit mode compared to live mode. Unfortunately we cannot change this, however we have just launched responsive pages. The responsive page editor is not Flash-based and so this issue should not occur. You could try using this page type instead. Here are some help guides that can help introduce you to the new editor.