Responsive pages not auto populating menu items in navigation bar

homerjay 3 years ago updated by anonymous 9 months ago 5

When i add a new page with the new "pages" add in, it is not auto populating the navigation bar and I have to remove the bar and add it back to the site to make new pages appear.

I have spoken with Carlton and sent a video of the issue, can this be fixed ASAP as I keep missing a page if I forget


Hi, yes at the moment the only pages that appear in the navbar are the ones that exist at the time you add it to your page. We are due to do the work on the navbar to make this automatic though, so this should be rectified very soon.


is this being dealt with  Over two months ago you made this comment, it needs addressing. now

In Progress

We have been making some changes which will make the navbar dynamic. This means the navbar will auto update with new pages as they get added. This should be ready soon (hopefully within the next week or two, depending on whether we find any issues that need addressing when testing). Thanks


Your pages should now automatically update in the navbar as soon as they are published.