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Facebook pixel codes

jaquiedaniels 3 years ago updated by Stacy Thomas 2 years ago 8

Is it possible to add a Facebook pixel to a responsive page? If so where should it be added?

Future consideration

So is it possible to add a pixel to the site? google or facebook?

Hi, at the moment we do not support Google/Facebook pixels. This is definitely something we will consider though. I will update this thread if there is any news about this.


Actually, you can add a Facebook Pixel with the HTML Snippit tool. You just have to add it to each page of your site so that it fires the Pixel on every page.

Thanks for the tip! Our HTML snippet tool is a handy way to add custom code to your site, but we can't always guarantee that everything will be compatible, so thanks for sharing!

Hi, can you tell me the best place to put the HTML snippet into my website, is it visible to visitors or can it be hidden ?

Hi, if you are trying to add a Facebook pixel code to your site, it is likely that the HTML snippet won't be visible as the code won't be trying to display and content. So, I would advise you to just add it in a discreet place on all pages.

I would definitely recommend that you then test it to ensure it is working correctly.