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infogalart 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 4

Hello, Is there any chance to change settings in Shop department - after editing product you have to come back to Product list, and always to the top of the list. This make our work very hard as we have quite a lot of stock and editing very often.

Future consideration

Hi there, I was going to suggest this myself also. I find it a huge inconvenience adding products for them to default to the bottom of the product list, for me to then have to drag them up to the top where you want new products to be. A default to the top of the product list and sub categories would be most welcome.

In Progress

Hi, The new Shoprocket integration for responsive pages will automatically order your product list by newest first. You can also order by item name or price, or use the search box to find specific products.

This integration is due to be released soon. You can follow this thread for updates: http://feedback.moonfruit.com/forums/1-feedback/topics/303-responsive-shop-function/