Better Shop Template

lilacdreamsapothecary 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 1

It is hard to hide a list of items if it shows up in "All Items" Especially if I am out but I do not want to remove it from the list. Maybe let us hide the "All Items" list? Or have the ability to hide individual products?


Thanks for your suggestion. One way to avoid displaying the 'All Items' list could be to hide the shop page from your menu and create a new blank page named 'Shop'. You could create your own categories on this page using images and text boxes for the category headings. Then you can add links to each shop category on each of the images/text boxes.

This would mean your customer would not see the 'All Items' grid and instead can just choose the specific category they are interested in browsing.

If you are out of stock of a certain product but don't want to remove it from the list, you can change the 'Stock' status when editing the individual product.

I hope that helps.