Request to add Blogger widget or Update blog

monica70121 3 years ago updated by Nidhi Bambalkar 2 years ago 4

I have a blog site with Blogger and would like to link it to my website or the blog page on moonfruit websites be updated to that I can add more than one link and edit and move photos around.



You may be able to embed the blogger blog onto your site. Do they offer an embed code you could enter into our HTML snippet tool? You can chat to our if you'd like any more advice on that.

We are planning on adding a new responsive blog option to our responsive pages in the next few months. You can follow this thread if you are interested in staying up to date with that.


Thanks for responding,

I'm not sure if they offer embedding but I will check. I can't wait to see what other updates you guys add to the site.

You should check out BugRem tool too, It is one of the best tool I have seen it.