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Need a 'View/Edit Cart' function that can be clicked independently of the 'Add to Cart' Button on Shop pages.

aengusdewar 3 years ago updated by Chloe Stace 2 years ago 2

As it currently stands, the access to the cart is amateurish. People who are used to being able to view and edit their carts on Amazon or Ebay or countless other commercial sites, suddenly can't when they're on a Moonfruit site unless they reclick something they may or may not be interested in buying. It gives off a bad impression, it's disquieting because it almost feels like they are about to buy an item twice, knocks their confidence in the functionality of the platform and - above all - keeps things clunky at a time when smoother experiences are vital.

Please think about it, and give us some feedback. It's an important part of the experience, most commercial websites are on top of this, and you guys have yet to normalise it at all.

All best from a client who otherwise is very happy with the platform you provide.

Already available


Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. You should be able to add a separate shopping cart icon by clicking Insert> Widget library> shop widgets. This will allow your users to access their cart without having to add a product.

We are also currently in the process of implementing a new and improved shop option for our responsive pages only. We will be integrating with Shoprocket so that you can manage your site and store in one place. If you would like to stay up to date with progress on this, you can follow its dedicated thread.