Bring Back "View My Site" Function

x8websolutions-block1 3 years ago updated by Hasnain Khatri 3 months ago 9

HI guys,
The new minimalist editor layout seems to have removed the "view my site" function.  I understand you can "preview" within the editor, however this quite often doesn't actually show what you site looks and feels like to a visitor (i.e. 3rd party widgets often dont load etc).

To get a "live" view of a site, i'm now having to visit the site via a private browsing session, and toggle between to browsers.  No biggie, but just a wee bit of a nuisance.

I agree - I've been thinking all day, why on earth did they get rid of the View My Site tab? It was so fast and convenient to use...now previewing has become tedious, backwards step.

Under Review

Thanks for your feedback. I'll raise this one!

I too have to agree with this, this is one decision that has badly backfired. As has been said here, when you add a html snippet, most of the time the code does not show in the preview. So either bring this back NOW, or look into the html snippet so that all html codes can be seen in the preview. 

Very silly decision Moonfruit, this is one you need to listen to straight away.

Mods we would appreciate feedback on this, it is disappointing to see that you have not even bothered to post my previous comments, unprofessional and very disappointing.  This view my site feature needs to be bought back urgently, I have cannot check new links are working unless I go to my phone and check as my computer keeps defaulting to edit mode.  Come on, get a grip and start responding to your clients, what is the point of having these feedback options when you don't bother to respond or reply. 

If its any help Pharoahmanda, if you visit your site in a "private" browser (e.g. incognito on Chrome), you won't be logged into the editor.

Still, view my site was far more convenient and I equally sympathise with the frustration of being left "on moderation" for days!

Having lived without the old 'View My Site' tab for a month it doesn't get any better - that tab made development easier - with one click you could see exactly how the site would appear on your desktop, with all elements functional. Now ever so often I have to log out of the editor and view the site via a browser and then log back in to the editor...it's so much slower and less convenient. I was really hoping after a month you might have got this re-instated etc


We agree with you that the 'view my site' button was a quick and helpful way to check your site. It was previously removed as it was part of the old Flash toolbar but we do intend to add it back! We have some planned changes for the top toolbar for the responsive editor and when we do this we will look to add it back in.

Until we are able to implement this, we recommend opening an incognito browser tab (so you don't have to log out of the editor) and refresh this page when you save any changes. Thanks for your patience in the meantime :)


From today's release, the view my site button can now be found in the toolbar when you click preview. You can read more about that in our release notes.