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Page structure element highlight not working

concepsys 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 3


The page structure highlight in sont working.

To select an element (section, row, text, etc) we now have to guess.

Before, the selected element would be hilihted in this page structure.


Thanks for raising this - I'll let our dev team know. We were actually planning on bringing the page structure list out of the page tab and making it a feature of its own that you can open and close in the editor when you need to use it. Do you think that will be helpful in addition to highlighting the selected element again?



As you can see I posted this 4 months ago... so disapointing...

It was supposed to be reporting a BUG but nothing has happened since.

Right now, when you click a link into the Page structure list the page structure goes away and it changes to the selected element configuration.

This is a wrong behaviour. Instead of this behaviour it should just select the element and keep in the page structure view. This way is you select the wrong element (it always happens) you can immediately select another until you actually select the element you want.

When you select the element you shoul then click the element's tab to edit it.

By automatically changing to the element configuration when you click any element selection by page structure is presently (and for many months) completely useless.

Please correct this already.

In Progress

Hi, right now one of our developers is finishing up on work to move this element selector out of the page tab and make it a more visible feature. This should help you easily select any element and this work is also solving the issue you raised so the element will remain highlighted in the page structure list.