Share your responsive site with us!

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Please use this thread to share your responsive sites. We really love seeing what you are doing with responsive pages and you can share tips/get feedback from other members of the Moonfruit community.



I really struggled, near found it impossible, to read the grey text over the images but other than that It's really nice

Thanks for the feedback, I have been playing with the text colour and adding a shaded box behind the text, will have another play, I appreciate your comments :)

Love your site. Photos are excellent and I like how your photos change as I scroll down the home page.



Love your website willygamble, how did you get the video to work, is it using the youtube option?  I keep trying to do a background youtube video but it just doesn't show it just goes white.  PS I have a horse too, so love the theme of your site :o)

Thanks. Yes it's a youtube video, I also had a bit of diffculty getting it to play but Moonfruit tech support sorted it for me :). Just be aware that the video won't play on mobile, it will default to whatever background you originally load before the video.

I'm SO glad you included your site as an example. I designed a lovely site with my client with a video on the homepage, only to find that the video just leaves a gap on mobile. I asked tech support how to have a background image like yours and it was a really quick fix :) Thank you xxxx

www.crystalclubbox.co.uk is my current project. www.thiswitchesway.co.uk is my first moonfruit site


www.chaletcristalmorillon.com - there are too many links in the nav bar at the moment. I also have a few more pages ready to go but having to hold them until the drop down released, whenever that may be.  Have really struggled with photos - would be so much easier if there was a resize option once they're uploaded (as there was in previous pre-responsive versions). 

www.poshstems.co.uk is the website I have been working on - found it difficult to add a section above footer but got there in the end by adding it - then dragging the bottom section above so it was in the correct order. 

www.manikemusic.com - we do music for TV. Loving the responsive pages. Waiting for more features!

Love this idea!  I'm a reseller with moonfruit and have several responsive sites go live now for delighted clients!  Really chuffed with the responsive editor so far and cant wait to watch it develop further!

www.misshighbrowglasgow.co.uk - semi permenant make up artist (lots of use of gallerys on this)
www.outdoorsforyou.co.uk - outdoor tour company, site features an embeded booking system
www.sblashes.co.uk - false lash retailer, site features a responsive online shop (via ecwid)

www.macsporrantours.com - tour and transfer company.  nice use of imagery (without sounding boastful!)

www.onpointglasgow.co.uk - beauty salon, nice minimalist design

www.dmbouncycastles.co.uk - bouncy castle and party equip hire, site uses a video background!

www.embracelk.com - post natal care services, again quite minimalist and animation features really set it off

www.roccontracts.co.uk -  The "section/row/column" style of the responsive editor was a life saver for dividing up extensive information on this site!

Always updating the Super Simple Websites facebook page with clients as they launch - feel free to follow ( I always follow businesses back too!) :)  Feel free to ask me any questions about the sites too.

Your sites are all really creative -x8websolutions-block1 - how did you manage to get the logos to sit at the top of the page?

www.oldhamandrochdaleastro.co.uk taken a while to make every page responsive from the old version, but love the results!