Draft and live version of website?

cardiffgareth 3 years ago updated by itinsite1 3 years ago 4

I know 1&1 do this so was wondering if it could be implemented here. If I want to amend how my site looks I am forced to save my changes first to see how it looks. If I don't like it then I have to try and remember how I changed it to change it back. This can be very problematic if I am looking to change the whole look and feel of the site.

1&1 offer users essentially 1 website but a live version and a draft version that you can alternate through so you can make a heap of changes and see how it looks. If it looks terrible then your website isn't effected but if you like it then you then live that version. Having to save your changes to see how it looks is pretty archaic!

It's such a pain having to potentially ruin your website if you want to experiment with a new look


Hi there,

We are actually in the process of adding a similar functionality to our responsive pages editor. You'd be able to save changes to your page but the changes would not be publicly visible until you choose to publish the page again. Unfortunately, we won't be implementing this for v6 sites, but perhaps you'd be interested in responsive pages if this is something that you would appreciate?

Let me know if you have any more questions.

So all the web pages on my website that are made using v6 can't have this feature?

What happens if I want to change the overall look of my website so make a heap of changes and then decide I don't like it and want to go back but can't remember what amendments I did ?


Hi, yes, the v6 pages will not be able to use this feature. Since many browsers announced that they will no longer be supporting Flash player (which is the technology the v6 editor was built with), we are focusing our development efforts on our new editor which does not require Flash. We will still support the V6 editor, but we will not be developing it further.

We are considering making a change that allows users to create multiple sites, but only pay for the sites they wish to be live and publicly visible. This would help with the problem you mention. We will be thinking about this more in the next couple of weeks, so I will try and update you when there is any more news on this.


I really like this idea and am glad to learn that you are working on it - very much supported!

I've no problem in you not developing this for v6 and hope that your new responsive pages functionality will be out of beta soon, and, in particular, that the "v6 to responsive" auto change-over capability will work really well.

Regards, Ray