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onthecase2013 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 4 years ago 7

Is it possible to have a central area for categories which can be used as a template?

As an example I sell phone cases and I have over 80+ different designs on my website. I now need to add the iPhone 7 but cannot update one central list - instead I have to update every single advert (i.e. 80+ times !!!)

Can some consideration be given to having a central category template?


Any news on this request?


Hi there, can you clarify exactly what you mean with this one? When you upload a product to your site shop, it automatically appears on the main shop catalog page and in any category you have put the product into, so you should not need to manually add any product unless you are not using our shop tool.



It is a little hard to explain.

I sell phone cases and currently have 79 different designs on my website.

Apple recently released the iPhone 7 & 7 plus which means I now have to edit every single advert on my site (79) to update the drop down list to include the new models.

What I need is one central list that all of my adverts use

Does that make more sense?


Have a look at www.onthecase.im - this may make it easier to understand. Click on a phone case and now try to select the model you require from the drop down list - it is this list I have to alter on every single advert. I cannot find a way to have one centralised list?

Ah I see - you mean that you need to update the product options for each type of product you sell individually, as the options apply to all products in your case. At the moment there is no way to have a list of product options that you can update once and apply to all products.

Thanks for the feedback, though. We will be trying to focus some effort on our shop offering soon, and for a solution that could address as many of our customers requests and needs as possible. When we have any information on this, we will update you.

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