Future consideration

Social media and other icons - more versatility

pling 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 1

Currently, 'normal' icons and social media icons are treated differently. I would like to be able to place shop and phone icons alongside my social media and mail ones, but cannot. They have to be in a vertical line, which doesn't work. If all icons could be treated equally that would be great!

Also, I have a Folksy shop, but their icon is not included, nor is Etsy's. Could you increase the number of these useful icons?

Finally, at the risk complicating things, in the Social Media folder all icons are a different colour, which I like, but I cannot translate this look onto my page - all these icons must be the same colour. Could there be an option to have all social media icons in different colours?


Future consideration

Hi, you should be able to change the colour of your social media icons using the sidebar controls, but thanks for raising the rest of your feedback about icons. You'd basically like to be able to create your own icon bar, mixing icons in the icon library with social media ones?