Digital Download Option for Shops

rapintie 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 4

I'm a musician and would like to make digital downloads (such as PDFs) of my music available to purchase. It would be great if this were made available in the Moonfruit shop pages for people who sell E-books, music albums, etc.

(Basically anything that doesn't require postage!)



We are working to make this available on our new E-commerce plans that we hope to make available in September/October. We should have more news about this soon!

Great, looking forward to the update!

I am also a musician and currently have CDs for sale on my website.  What is the progress on offering digital downloads?  I would specifically like to offer MP3 files.

Hi all, The shop integration is currently in its second round of testing and is on track to be released soon. For more information, you can follow this post: